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“Like that I could relate the elephants trunk like a trumpet ( Joshua and the Wall ) Alligators shut their mouths (Daniel . . . read more

Kelly Burkett

Mother of 2, Stay at Home Mom and Member of MOPS
Fort Worth, Texas

“I love it! Especially all the wonderful pictures. I am thankful for the questions at the end of the story. This is . . . read more

Ginger Lawless

Mother of 1, Stay at Home Mom and Member of MOPS
Fort Worth, Texas

“The story of Chazz and his friends hits home because we all feel “different”. To know that God loves us as we are . . . read more

Rosemary Horvath

Mother of 6, Wife, Piano Teacher, Evangelist, Member of MOPS
Joshua, Texas

“As a homeschooling mother of three children, I have a house full of books, and I can tell you that this is a rare find! . . . read more

Tiffany Drewry

Mother of 3, Stay at Home Mom, Member of MOPS, Home Business Owner
Fort Worth, Texas

“I enjoyed reading this awesome book. I believe that children can relate to the elephant. This book teaches children that . . . read more

Janice Young

Speech- Language Pathologist
Fort Worth, Texas

“What a lovely story! As a mother of a child who looks “different” from her peers. I could relate to Chazz and his . . . read more

Laura Miller

Preschool Director, Mckinney Bible School, Mother of 2
Fort Worth, Texas

WOW! I love the message to our children that not only is it okay to be different, but that God created us with the . . . read more

Denise Staggs

Teacher, Mother of 3
Denton, Texas

“The most important thing we can do to connect with our children is read to them. That is why I love Chazz and his crazy . . . read more

Kraig And Ami Thompson

Parents of 6
Fort Worth, Texas

“This book entertains and instructs with vivid imagery, reminding us all of the timeless truth that God has made each of . . . read more

Howard Olsen

CrossWays Ministries
Fort Worth, Texas

“The kids really liked the story. It kept their attention through the whole book. After the story we talked about the . . . read more

Misti Pollard

Pre-School Teacher
Fort Worth, Texas

“Lost and Found is a energetic story on how God uniquely made each of us special and that it is more important to help . . . read more

Shelly Forrest

Mother of 2
Fort Worth, Texas

“Chazz is an amazing story of how God loves everyone in spite of our differences. As a parent, it even spoke to my . . . read more

Cathy Blackwell

Mother of 3, Pre-School Teacher
Fort Worth, Texas

“Our class really enjoyed Chazz. It is the only book we’ve read this year that has maintained every student’s . . . read more

Ashley Jabri

Pre-School Teacher
Benbrook, Texas

“I Love the book. I can’t wait to read it to my kids when I have them. I look forward to reading more adventures from . . . read more

Cindy Meachum

FWISD employee
Fort Worth, Texas

“Lost and Found is a great story of how we are all unique and special in our own way and that God loves us all equally. . . . read more

Chris Meachum

Fitness Training and Sales Consultant
Fort Worth, Texas

“One thing I really loved about Pitch and Inglan’s book was the international theme. I also loved the characters in . . . read more

Alex Posey

Outside Sales
Dallas, Texas

“After reading this short story I have to say I find it very inspirational. Clearly the message is bold and clear that . . . read more

Merlin Justice

Landscape Company Owner, Father of three
Benbrook, Texas

“The Chazz Adventures are AMAZING! The fantastic characters exemplify God’s love in a fun way that kids can relate to . . . read more

Erik And Kay Luckstead

Business Owner and Stay at Home Mom, Parents of 2
Benbrook, Texas

“I just loved this book! I love that it teaches kids that God made them the way he made them on PURPOSE and that they are . . . read more

Rachael Wright

Stay at Home Mom, Mother of 3
Fort Worth, Texas

”The illustrations were amazing and the story flowed well with the adventurous storyline. The questions at the end of the . . . read more

Mark Blankenship

Quest Executive, Father of Four
North Richland Hills, Texas

“We absolutely love The Chazz Adventures. The characters in the stories are so lovable and easy for our children to . . . read more

Crystal And Jason Cherry

Parents of 4
Fort Worth, Texas

“My kids loved this story! The Characters are so endearing and share such a sweet love of our creator, that He made us . . . read more

Melissa Newman

Pre-School Administrative Assistant, Mother of 2
Fort Worth, Texas

“A wonderful story that teaches children about the beauty and unique qualities each of us have as creations of the All . . . read more

Michael Mcdonald

Fort Worth, Texas

“Chazz, a warmhearted elephant who is different from the others, is a character with life experiences that lend . . . read more

Paige Midgley

Mother of 2, Early Childhood Teacher SCS
Fort Worth, Texas

“This story is easy to relate to and very encouraging! I remember my past.”

Nicole Young

Fort Worth, Texas

“Lost and Found was excellently written and the artwork was simply outstanding. Children will easily identify with the . . . read more

James Rutledge

Father of 2 and Grandfather of 2, Retired Police Chief
Benbrook, Texas

“I like the book because it shows kids to love themselves, and that God loves them too!”

Veronica Soto

Retail Store Sales
Fort Worth, Texas

“A wonderful book to help your child realize that God made them special for a reason. I love the questions/discussion . . . read more

Ashley Hair

Construction Manager and Mother of 2
Benbrook, Texas

“Sweet story with a timeless message that EVERY child should hear. Adorable illustrations add so much to the (sweet) . . . read more

Tina Ingram

Second Grade School Teacher & Mother of 2
Fort Worth, Texas

“Chazz and his friends seem to magically come alive. To read Chazz is to enter into their world, to become part of their . . . read more

Shane Grey

Senior Pastor Hope Works
Fort Worth, Texas

“The Chazz Adventure series books immediately engaged my boys as they intently listened and were drawn in by the amazing . . . read more

Travis Gates

Founder of Revive
Keller, Texas

“This story was wonderful to read and would be a joy to share with children. It is fun and adventurous and teaches . . . read more

Jessica Kaback

Mother of 3, Work at Home Mom
Fort Worth, Texas

“Children today are continually hammered by media and other resources that encourage them away from a biblical outlook on . . . read more

Ryan Burgess

Associate Pastor, Hope Works Church
Fort Worth, Texas

“At last, fresh characters telling a timeless story. Our family loves Chazz and his friends and we are sure that your . . . read more

Richard And Paige Henderson

Founders - Fellowship Of The Sword Ministry
Fort Worth, Texas

“Psalm 139:5 You go before me and follow me. You place your hand of blessing on my head. The Chazz Adventures are such a . . . read more

Tabatha McClure

Director of PreSchool Ministries, Mother of 2
Fort Worth, Texas

“What a great book that gives glory to Jesus and His gift of salvation! Chazz helps us to understand that even though we . . . read more

Jeff Pratt

Friend of the family

“We have read this book and the faith based message is absolutely terrific!! This is the start of something amazing as . . . read more

Jason And Toby Jones

Friend of the family

“Lost and Found is a wonderful children’s book! I love how it helps teach children that God made everyone the way that . . . read more

Courtney May

High School Student
Fort Worth, Texas
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